We understand that in this modern age, companies are built by skilful and dedicated people. People who can turn a common work model to a force; People are assets, so we work hard to ensure we keep filtering the best quality people available for your projects and companies.

We talk to candidates in detail, discuss their projects and aspects, expectations before passing on the resume. We don’t work like just a regular contingency recruiting firm or even retained executive search, we specialize in doing detailed work that too with a very short Turn Around Time to ensure you get the right people within time.

Our services include –


If you are looking to quickly obtain temporary talent for finite projects , then tap into Precedence Recruit contract staffing expertise. We’re connected to project teams, consultants, and job seekers with a wide range of skills and experience. As a bonus, you’ll often find qualified permanent employees from among your temporary staff.


We’re well aware of the significant costs you incur hiring and onboarding a new employee. If things don’t work out, you face additional costs and the headache of starting your talent search over. Precedence Recruit aims to avoid this scenario through our precise recruiting and screening efforts for your employee / permanent jobs.

Contract to Hire

Precedence Recruit contract-to-hire solution allows you to see potential employees in action before bringing them onboard. You can observe your candidate’s performance and collaboration with your team before committing to hire full time